IE not working on a Vaio Vista?

mme, May 5, 10:49am
Is there a fix? I need to replace it soon anyway so also any recs for a new notebook? I'm looking at an Acer aspire ESI 417 CIWD I think it is. But what's 8.1 like? Good bad or ugly?

schizoid, May 5, 12:48pm
You have 3 completely different questions in this thread.

Just download firefox or chrome.

mme, May 5, 8:59pm
Thanks didn't want to start 3 threads. I have Firefox on an even older desktop that I have the printer so I'll put that on the Vaio too.
I do need a smaller notebook as traveling around quite a bit atm.

mme, May 5, 9:02pm
PS the Acer As above is the 8.1

mme, Dec 14, 9:06pm
Crikey after 3 days of not going IE is working now!

Will have to get a smaller one as this Vaio lasts about a 5 seconds when not on power!

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