Chromebook wifi issue

wendalls, Apr 28, 8:36am
Bought a " 1- day" refurbished chromebook. It's a samsung and drops its wifi every 5 minutes. The sheet of paper it came with said to contact your ISP with any connection issues as usually not an issue with the chromebook. Well vodafones tech person did not know what a chromebook was! Gave up and have emailed 1-day today, but on googling it seems there are many potential fixes and that the wifi chip might be shite. I did a connectivity diagnostics test which showed a problem with the DNS and Google services. I don't know what that means. Any suggestions other than wait for 1- day to get back to me? Got it a month ago and it has never worked properly.

king1, Apr 28, 8:45am
have you tried it on different wireless networks?

ross1970, Apr 28, 8:48am
Updated the drivers for your wifi chip?

wendalls, Apr 28, 10:03am
No. Have asked daughter to try it at school but she refuses to take it without a protective cover which she won't buy in case it gets sent back. not a good excuse.
As to updating the drivers? Should you need to do this on a newly purchased device? how do I do this? In the Internet settings somewhere?

cookee_nz, Apr 28, 11:12am
If you have the option to send back for replacement just do so before more time passes, but an easy way to check on another network is to go to a friends house, or maybe a McDonalds, and try there for comparison?

lucky.gadgets, Apr 28, 3:15pm
You could try uninstalling the wireless device driver, my HP tablet wouldn't want to connect to wifi at someone else's house the other day, and uninstalling the driver it came with and letting it use the built in Microsoft Windows driver did the trick and got it working.

wendalls, May 29, 10:04am
Hi again. I sent Chromebook back and they returned it saying nothing's wrong! They tested it by streaming video. It most definitely is wrong. My daughter is in tears with frustration. We still haven't tested it on another network. Although I can't see that helping as we have multiple other devices that have no issues! I have just spent over an hour googling how to update drivers with no success. Everything says it's not suitable for a chrome device even though it says it's for chromebook before I download it! More frustration. I am very inexperienced in these things. Will have to chat with samsung I guess. lucky gadgets, wouldnt a Chromebook have no Microsoft windows driver? How do I even find a driver on it?

king1, May 29, 10:31am
Try another network. I have seen these sorts of issues with a single device among many end up being solved by replacing the wireless modem.

Basically your assumption that your network is ok just because other devices can connect fine isn't necessarily correct.

drsr, May 29, 6:06pm
Chromebook drivers are all built-in, you can't tinker with them or replace them. Some Samsung Chromebooks had issues with some wifi routers, try turning off Bluetooth, see

wendalls, May 30, 7:04am
Cheers guys. That is useful. I will definitely try another network this weekend as that will give more clues. Meanwhile daughter used the school chromebook at school which is the same and had issues as well. Couldn't do her work in science as it wouldn't download. Other kids had their own devices which seemed to work. I asked her if she clicked too often trying to hurry it up but she insisted this was not the problem.

dinx, Oct 1, 3:04pm
I'd pop into a mcds or somewhere with free WiFi and test. Our refurb has been great and now a year old from 1-day. You might want to look at some of the chrome forums for some help. We have never updated drivers, you usually dont need to do updates, its automatic.

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