Firefox 33 (on dialup) basic virus/defrag prog pls

bayloft, Mar 14, 9:37am
Just something basic & free, so I can run some optimising program on my computer would be appreciated please.
Not too worried about protection as such as hardly ever go anywhere, but would be good to run something (since I had to ditch my last one a year or so ago, when it decided to lock up my entire system!)

Sorry, probably more relevant - running Windows XP

r.g.nixon, Mar 14, 9:56am
The lightest and best free A/V programs are Panda Free 2015, and Avast free.

You already have a defrag program, called defrag. Right-click the drive letter > Properties > look around for the defrag or optimise option.

r.g.nixon, Mar 14, 9:59am
On dialup, I'd recommend Panda, as it doesn't require signature file updates.
It is the top one here:
Considering the size, see if someone will supply it to you on a memory/flash stick/drive.

bayloft, Mar 14, 10:06am
thanks rg, found the defrag
and I have some deleting to do before I can begin to run it ;)

And so once done, will go for Panda
very grateful, cheers :)

bayloft, Mar 14, 10:08am
thanks, will keep that in mind :)

r.g.nixon, May 21, 9:24pm
See the "disk cleanup" mentioned here also.

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