Premier League Pass says I'm not in NZ!

Went to log into PLP and got a message
"Unfortunately PremierLeaguePass is only available in New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines and it looks to us like you are not in one of those areas. If you are in one of those regions and are receiving this message in error please contact us "
I will contact them. Have been away for 12 days and speedtest says I'm still in NZ.
Why is this?

geek_fishb8, Feb 27, 7:35 pm

isp global mode maybe?

geek_king1, Feb 27, 8:06 pm

People will try anything to say they are not from Hamilton.

geek_exwesty, Feb 27, 8:32 pm

Haha, nice try!

geek_fishb8, Jun 29, 9:27 am

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