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I'll just jump in here - I have done the update from W8.1 to W10 2 days ago and as a novice over 50yo, I pushed a button. I'll just add in here that my subscription for Office 365 expired 3 days ago - don't know what relevance this has. But I can't save/ move/ edit / delete files and picture. Error says: Destination Folder Access denied - You'll need to provide administration permission to copy this folder (with a continue button) or File Access Denied - You'll need to provide permission to move this file without any options. I have an Acer521 laptop and have still got Classic Shell 8 installed from the old W8.1 (don't know if this is relevant either). I can copy / save/ and move anything on "Desktop" but that's looking rather full now. Can someone help. Plse

geek_nsg, Aug 6, 7:18 pm

Hmm. Too hard basket.

geek_nsg, Aug 6, 8:04 pm

geek_king1, Aug 6, 8:30 pm

check security settings under properties for folders you are trying to access

geek_gsimpson, Aug 6, 8:30 pm

Ask Microsoft person monitoring you if they could do it . lol !

geek_crtnz, Aug 6, 9:18 pm

Thanks for your help. I read this part way through {What kind of permissions do you need beyond "full" in order to take ownership? }.
I'm don't profess to being a fan of computer jargon but "Why do I now have to have permission to do all the stuff I use to before 03/08/15 when I upgrading to Windows 10"? My mistake. shouldn't have done it in the first place. I will take it to a tech to fix.

geek_nsg, Aug 6, 9:27 pm

Actually - gsimpson - I have found the listing you mentioned are different in my Desktop folder than in my Documents folder - so I will work on that. Thanks so much.

geek_nsg, Mar 19, 3:57 am

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