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raf55, Mar 15, 5:36am
Just been offered free use for a year
Bit of a no brainer but it seems amost impossible to find out the entire content available
Anybody using it and any thoughts

ntalke, Mar 15, 5:57am
Pretty easy to see whats on offer

If you take up mark on Calender when your 12 Months are up as Spark will begin charging you

raf55, Mar 15, 7:24am
Yes I have been there but you must have to log in to see what is on offer
And yes, I have asked Mr Google and that gives me the programs at the August start up,not the full present offering
Seems a poor way to sell a product

spyware, Mar 15, 7:26am
So, given its free what have you got against creating an account?

hakatere1, Mar 15, 4:11pm
I agree.

spyware, Mar 15, 6:47pm
You'll never know unless you logon then.

remmers, Mar 15, 7:56pm
You only need an account to start streaming programs, you can browse as much as you like, same deal as Hulu + and Netflix.

mojo49, Mar 15, 8:33pm
Signed up for the 12 month free deal with a Spark voucher. There seems to be more and more stuff added all the time. Currently enjoying a complete run of "Black Books". Some exclusive stuff on there as well. You can have up to 5 devices registered on one account. I also have a laptop hooked up to my TV so I can watch on big screen. System runs smooth as on a 6 year old HP 6730b laptop except when it decides to also download a raft of Windows updates. Well worth signing up if you have xtra email.

spyware, Mar 15, 10:04pm
No you don't need to log in so i don't know what you're on about.

soodanim, Mar 15, 10:20pm
What they said,

There's a menu, it has "TV" and then "All TV" . shows you what is available.

OP are you on the right website?

raf55, Mar 16, 4:38am
I may not be on the right website but I seem to land on the one #2 every time, doesn't seem to have TV or all TV options just demands I log on

It's looks like a great deal but I would like to know what is being offered

trade_menow, Mar 16, 4:58am
You'll need more than just a xtra email to get lightbox free for 12 mths , the " voucher code " is attached to your spark ISP account so if you have a xtra email but say slingshot is your ISP you'll be charged $15 per month

raf55, Mar 16, 5:25am
OK sorted, the buttons don't show on the mini iPad version of the page but do on laptop or desk top
Looks like quite good range of programs

fifie, Mar 18, 5:40am
Joined up sparkes free 12mth code offer. its fine, I can get it on smart tv with app but prefer to run it through lappy onto the big screen. Watch very carefully when you started as they make you put cc details in, once 12mths is up they start charging you 15 bucks monthly just help themselves, I marked on calendar and bookmarked unsubcribe site so I dont forget.

p_rock, Mar 18, 6:02am
I play mine through an app on the ps4, cheers spark!

galex, Mar 18, 6:28am
Ummm You agreed to the terms and conditions didn't you? so they aren't helping themselves.You agreed for it to happen ! .

"Free Trials and Promotions
13) Lightbox may offer a free trial to new customers or through the use of a promotional code. Free trials are limited to one per customer.
14) To take advantage of a free trial, you need to create an Account and subscribe by entering your debit/credit card details.
15) The subscription will automatically renew after the expiry of the trial period, unless you decide to end your subscription before the expiry date. "
[ ]

mojo49, Mar 18, 8:24am
I have done the same as fifie to make sure I do not start getting charge $15 a month without realising the free period is up. On your account they actually charge $15 every month and then credit it back. Unless you unsubscribe in time the credits stop and the charges to your cc will start. Yes as above you also need a Spark landline account to get the 12 months free.

mikep, May 9, 10:17am
You can be sure that 1 month before the expiry date, they'll start streaming all the new series and latest release movies.

It's called marketing.

Yup, tinfoil helmet is on straight.

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