Gittin' tired of the overseas telephone calls

Coincidentally, I think not - moments before I receive one of the calls and I might get 5 calls a month and these usually come in batches of 3, 4 or 5, the 5.1 speakers console begins to blink rapidly like it is dieing or something. The person making the call, sometimes female and then sometimes male sometimes say a technician will call you back, we understand we your computer is having problems that sort of thing. the heavy voiced tech calls back and I am going crikey sounds like one of them muslim recruiters in the movie I saw recently on the tv where the Iranian journalist gets held in jail for 5 years. I mean, seeing the audio console blink like that just before the call, and I got more calls recently I may add, tells me I am being a target. I have been paranoid in the past and learned to manage that but nowadays my paranoia is in a kind of a mature mode. I honestly think someone is making a loud point of getting to me. What could I do?

geek_olack, Feb 19, 11:26 am

I ditched the landline.

geek_gibler, Feb 19, 11:32 am


geek_mazdasix, Feb 19, 12:47 pm

Tell them you need to hang up to connect to the internet, as you are using dial up.

geek_ingies, Feb 19, 12:59 pm

Or if they say you have microsoft say you have a mac

geek_ingies, Feb 19, 12:59 pm

lol yeah

geek_olack, Feb 19, 1:31 pm


geek_olack, Feb 19, 1:31 pm

that's it ditch the landline

geek_olack, Feb 19, 1:32 pm

Keep a note of times etc and report it to your telco provider. We got a whole heap of them and I got fed up with them especially the ones at midnight (had a very sick family member at the time). Once I reported them they stopped.

geek_cgvl, Feb 19, 11:19 pm

We've never had any such phone calls on the land line.

Ring up your land line provider and ask them to unlist your number so it won't appear in the phone book or on the white pages website.

geek_lucky.gadgets, Feb 20, 1:17 am

i seldom get calls i am not in the phone book ever on private number.

geek_intrade, Feb 20, 8:02 am

Change to an unlisted confidential phone number. It works.

geek_possum257, Feb 20, 11:32 am

We been getting heaps of international calls, from 001, which is states and lately 0006, which is nowhere.
I rang and spoke to Telecom, heaps over last few months, but say they can do nothing.
They can look into system and see numbers, but say they can't blook them.
Any ideas?

geek_ianalice1, Feb 20, 11:47 am

I got my number removed from white pages (including online).Slingshot also blocked all private numbers. That was months ago and haven't had as scammer call since.

geek_kaydee16, Feb 20, 11:55 am

i just put the phone down but leave the phone off the hook for ten minutes.- let them talk long as they like , no ones listening.

geek_scuba, Feb 20, 1:29 pm

I hate it when they ring at 10.30 or later. It's just annoying

geek_springgrove, Feb 20, 1:54 pm

I had to fill in an online form for Telecom/spark. Needed to be at least 3 calls in succession. Then they stopped, may have been coincidence or not but it worked.

geek_cgvl, Feb 20, 2:07 pm

You can hang up. Or you can play them like a fish.

Tell them yeah I have been having trouble and some help would be good, act like some doddery old fart, ask them their names and how the weather is there, ask them everything twice and say everything back to them twice, anything they ask you to do , say it doesn't seem to be working and ask a lot of silly questions about how to do it. After a half hour tell them you have to go out but could they call you back, next day go through the same procedure. make a lot of chit-chat and ask them about them selves, get to lknow them, and then again say someone just arrived and could they call you back. If they get suspicious and say they don't think you are being serious assure them you are and that you really appreciate their help. I've got them to call me three time before they clicked that they were being conned.

I used to get my two sons to do it to telemarketers when they were young. as a competition to see who could hold a call the longest. and I can tell you. me sons can handle people now, on the phone or face to face. They are totally in control of salespeople and people that think they have authority over them. haha One of the benefits of being home-schooled I call it.

geek_mechnificent, Feb 20, 2:16 pm

So. you're afraid of muslims?

geek_schizoid, Feb 20, 2:30 pm

part of the reason I did too plus save money on a item I don't really use.

geek_neoslowmo, Feb 20, 2:43 pm

As soon as I get the silent pause on answering I hang up, I know it's one of them!

geek_rarogal, Feb 20, 6:00 pm

If you have 15 mins, here is a video:

geek_chnman, Feb 20, 8:56 pm

Very good.
Poor grandma:(

geek_ianalice1, Feb 20, 9:24 pm

We ended up with a landline as part of getting broadband on. Never listed the number or used it for outgoing calls. Whenever a call comes in we expect a spammer but everytime it's just my mother. I tell her I have a Mac but it doesn't seem to put her off.

geek_gammelvind, Feb 20, 10:04 pm

My teenage daughter loves them. She had a call today from Roy from Spark (heavy Indian accent). At first she thought it was local superette manager (she has been working for them). He asked to speak to Ms G. She replied which one do you want LG (her) or JS (me). It was her they wanted. So he informed her that they would be discounting her internet in either 2 weeks or for 2 weeks (was difficult to understand) and is this all right with you. She replied I don't think this is a genuine call. He hung up immediately. The only things we currently have with Spark are our prepaid cellphones. The phone listing is now in my name and I have never used my partners surname even if some people do so.

geek_joanie04, Feb 20, 11:15 pm

Last time we had a call like this I said "just a moment " then called out loudly " quick transfer this call to police please" never had another one !

geek_annies3, Feb 21, 3:48 am

Sadly, all the advice about unlisted numbers etc won't make any difference. These people use an auto-dialler which simply starts with a sequence of numbers and dials every one incrementing one digit at a time. The pause and clicks you hear are the delay between when you answer and their own system determining that you are not a fax machine or modem, and then compares their database to display your name for the 'technician'. If you have an unlisted number, they will still call you because you are just a number in the sequence, but they won't ask for you by name because they don't have it.

You need to put them off very quickly so they loose interest by various means, pretend to be a child, or very old and not understanding, speak a different language, don't have a PC etc. If you engage with them and start winding them up, yeah you might have some fun and feel better, and tie them up from calling someone else, but you'll also piss them off and greatly increase the chances they will retaliate with repeated calls and during the night.

geek_cookee_nz, Feb 21, 7:02 am

If I answer the phone and there's silence for several seconds, I hang up immediately. If it's a friend, they'll call back. But my friends respond immediately.

geek_trade4us2, Jul 22, 11:01 am

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