Help how do I make a photo bigger?

leeran, Feb 8, 6:02am
I've uploaded a photo of the milk weed that cures skin cancers for an poster but it's too small.

r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 6:23am
Small as in resolution, or small as in MB?

suicidemonkey, Feb 8, 6:25am
You can't increase the resolution of photos without losing quality. NCIS lied.

r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 6:30am
Depends on the expected viewing distance of people from the poster.
If it is a big distance, you can go very low on the resolution.

suicidemonkey, Feb 8, 6:32am
This is true.

emmerson1, Feb 8, 10:45am
In Google you can open the 'search tools' and specify you want a large photo. Wikipedia / Wiki Commons have a lot of photos of plants, etc. You could try taking a photo yourself of the plant, then you can make it whatever size your camera will go up to.

hakatere1, Feb 8, 1:37pm
It's also good with pork bones. I remain sceptical regards cancer but.

gyrogearloose, Feb 8, 6:30pm
lol, she meant poster as in 'original poster' or some other random.

r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 6:55pm
Oh yeah. That could be right.

nzdoug, Feb 8, 11:12pm
What size, that is image demension now and how big would you like it to go????

josie12, Feb 8, 11:30pm
Can you not get something like Photoshop as that has ability to enlarge your photo, there must be free simular programmes available.

mazdasix, Feb 9, 12:03am
Yes but you can't just magically enlarge a photo without reducing the quality and making it blurry

nzdoug, Feb 11, 5:25am
Genuine Fractuals combined with photoshop can upsize, with sharoning in Photoshop.

m16d, Feb 11, 8:15am
Open with paint. resize to 200%. or whatever. like they said,quality will be lost.

marzuka, Aug 23, 11:12pm

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