Factory reset and lost photo's

lugee, Feb 5, 11:44am
If they are so precious, why don't you have a backup? The laptop could have been lost, stolen or experienced hardware failure very easily. A couple of $1 DVD's would probably have held all your photos, and you could simply recover them from that.

cookee_nz, Feb 5, 5:31pm
Factory reset?, do you mean a full system recovery, the one that warns you very clearly that the process is irreversible and will overwrite your files? Ie; the warning that is REALLY HARD to miss? Perhaps the make & model of your system, and exactly the steps you took will help give a better answer. For example, on most HP laptops, it's F11 to start recovery. Oh, and why you did it to begin with.

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 8:04pm
Piriform's Recuva program (free) could get some back. Do a deep scan.

vtecintegra, Feb 5, 9:53pm
If you really want the photos back then you should immediately stop using the PC and send it off to a professional data recovery company.

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 10:24pm
vtecintegra is correct. Any use, even just downloading and installing Recuva is going to write over a small portion of disk that is 'flagged' as unused. Potentially there are photos there.

oclaf, Feb 6, 2:19am
Yup. If you're serious about recovery, your only chance of getting anything back is stop using the computer. Don't even turn it on. Every single little bit of data written to your hard disk is potentially being written over your old files thus reducing the chance of recovery. Chances are, with a full windows reinstallation its already too late, but it is possible that there will still be some undamaged files.
Professional data recovery is expensive, but the most likely to succeed. Recuva could certainly help you, but you will need to remove the drive and scan it using another device.
It is absolutely pointless to install Recuva on, and recover to the same drive you are trying to recover from. You'll just be doing more damage.
Good luck.

cookee_nz, Feb 6, 9:44pm
there was no lecture, unknot ya knickers! Just wanted be sure exactly what you did (and why) to be sure the problem is understood before suggesting remedies and possibly making it worse. But clearly you know best, ignored the warnings and now ignoring the question when trying to help. A factory reset is not a system recovery, although many may use the terms interchangeably. You want specific suggestions or solutions, you will need to give specific responses. But at the end of the day it may only cost a few hundred $ to get your photos recovered professionally, its not the end of the world.

hammerman1, Feb 9, 3:15pm
Wow that's a very helpful comment. Hope you never need "HELP" on here!

hammerman1, Feb 9, 3:16pm

raf55, Feb 9, 7:22pm
Nice to hear some good news
I hope you have backed up the precious pictures

king1, Feb 9, 7:56pm
agreed, key point here is has the OP actually learned from the experience and implemented some sort of backup

lugee, Feb 10, 2:36am
What's wrong with pointing out simple, easy and cheap methods to safeguard against data loss. Should I just not mention it and let the root issue happen again?

velenski, Feb 11, 11:49pm
back up them now

olack, Aug 22, 11:20am
I had some good luck with Partition Doctor recovering Deleted videos in webcam that had a hard drive in it. Sid, I liked it so much - I bought the Program!

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