Tablet recommendation to hook up to nonsmart tv

grb235, Jun 10, 12:00am
Have been playing around with an old HP Small Factor 7700 hooked up to the TV (using AVi cables) to view lightbox, you tube, vimeo, etc. Works well (except the cpu spikes at 100% to cause buffering problems in lightbox (but it was only a test run to use the old computer - proof of concept as it were - silverlight seems to be the problem). The remote keyboard and mouse are a bit clunky and I figure a tablet would be better.

Anyone recommend a tablet, or at least the minimum specifications (hard and OP software) for one? Have either wifi or ethernet cable to hook the tablet into the internet. What receiver will I need on the TV so that the tablet can send its signal to the TV?


directorylist, Jun 10, 12:09am
You'd be better off getting a chromecast (think they announced support for it) and put the content to it via a phone or tablet (never used lightbox but i assume it works in a similar way to netflix/plex type streaming)

mr_bond, Jun 10, 12:56am
I recently shipped a Amazon FireTV stick in via NZ Posts USA address service, works really well and without looking I think my total cost was NZ$60. I didn't set up the Amazon content, just wanted the Netflix option on an older TV. Connects via HDMI.

nice_lady, Jun 10, 1:01am
Chromecast has HDMI connection only. Does the TV have one of those inputs?

directorylist, Jun 10, 1:40am

nice_lady, Jun 10, 3:25am
Sorted !

grb235, Jun 10, 5:30am
Have two HMDI ports so will try Chromecast

deb821, Jun 29, 1:40am
Hi, I use Samsung gal pro with him I cord, only 1 model of pro could do this. Tried chromecast at Xmas but it kept freezing the tablet so I took it back. HD mi cord works great

richms, Jul 11, 11:19pm
Most of the streaming apps locally will not connect with a HDMI cable connected, just give some stink excuse about rights issues. Yet a PC with a DVI cable will happily play the same stuff. Go figure.

Even a deditcated android set top box still shows a HDMI video output active even tho its the only output and not a clone of the screen.

Ive run TVNZ ok on a tiny atom based computer. Not tried the others.

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