Gmail question

havent used mine for a while, is there a way to turn off that annoying randomly generated email that tells you when youve logged in, and on which device?

not only do it get it through gmail, i also get one though the backup accounts linked to it

its kinda creepy

geek_pcmaster, May 22, 4:44 pm

I've never seen such an e-mail. must have been turned on somehow because it doesn't happen by default.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 22, 4:54 pm

well it has

i rarely touch my gmail, - i log into it once a month if that i'll take a screenshot and post a copy if you like

geek_pcmaster, May 22, 4:59 pm

Why is it creepy? It's there for security reasons to let you know if anything suspicious is going on.

Anyway to change it log into your account and go to 'Notifications and alerts settings'

geek_vtecintegra, May 22, 5:34 pm

one message every device or location change i could live with, but 3 copies every time i log on is overkill, - not that they have a direct reply mechanism built into the notes should something be wrong anyway, its from somewhere like or something

i use one pc for email management, i never keep myself permanently logged in to anything as part of my own security measures

geek_pcmaster, Oct 27, 9:02 am

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