Help please - CD player broken, need replacement?

kernal1, May 10, 3:47am
Desk top PC, running Windows 7 Home. Repair guy tells me CD 'slot'
is broken, still lights up but won't open anything. Not had a lot of use.
Regardless feel need this, just had trouble with printer when couldn't use the disc for starters. Looked at TM for sale of something I 'imagine' will do but completely confused at all available and different prices. With no tech knowledge feel maybe 'plug & play' type since also told if/when I replace my PC may not have this built in. Did use my present one to put photos on discs, managed to copy a few things, have CDs/DVDs with templates etc so would like to beable to do/use these again. Don't want to spend a fortune!.
Hopefully someone can suggest what I should buy please?

r.g.nixon, May 10, 3:54am
Something like auction 884341213 would do. If you want cheaper, sometimes you can pick up a near deceased old computer with a working CD/DVD drive for $15.

r.g.nixon, May 10, 3:57am
But, firstly. are you getting any errors messages when you try to use it? If so, see for a fix.

kernal1, May 10, 8:33am
Thanks Ross for your, as usual, knowledgeable advice. Spent hrs this afternoon trying to sort out but CD/DVD thing is not being acknowledged when I go into 'Compute' 'but still lights up when I place a disc in! Originally as advised, it did acknowledge the drive but I could open and there was no fault codes showing. Felt when it 1st stopped working I had altered settings as there appeared to be logical reason but think I have now tried everything, to no avail!
Had looked at the auction you suggested but decided, rightly or wrongly felt one like it had to be fitted, beyond me, Ignorance again but feel maybe I can just get one that plugs in with a cable and that I should manage! Know in todays world my PC is getting old, purchased about 4 years ago, possible at twice the price of what they are today but does everything else I need and on reading feel maybe if I have to buy another one maybe better to wait until Windows 10 is up and running!

ianab, Dec 6, 4:12pm
Something like 882888204 will work on any modern PC, and you can use it with any slimilne laptop with no drive that you may buy in the future.

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