Chang ed inks in printer and now it wont print

daisygirl, Sep 4, 2:14am
any suggestions on what to do please. It cleaned itself in the usual way, and spat out a blank piece of paper, now wont print anything and I have 14 pages in que waiting to print. thanks. It is a Brother DCP-J140W.

scuba, Sep 4, 5:34am
some ink cartridges require you to take the small plastic sheet off the outlet hole or see if there is a fault showing on printer readout

fifie, Sep 4, 7:07am
My brother wouldnt take any cartridges but expensive brother ones i found out after buying others. Ditched it as they were to expensive for me.

wasgonna, Sep 4, 9:03am
I've never used Brother cartridges in my Brother printer.

daisygirl, Sep 5, 1:31am
These are the correct Brother cartridges for the printer.

newbie5, Sep 5, 4:21am
did you do as scuba said before installing the cartridges

daisygirl, Dec 12, 8:04pm
Yes, I did.

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