HP printer repairers in Wgtn

rak1, Feb 1, 12:27am
We have a HP C7280 printer that has started making noises like gears are not meshing. Can anyone recommend a repairer in Wellington who could fix this for us. Many thanks.

thewomble1, Feb 1, 3:57am
Probable quicker and cheaper to buy another one.

ianab, Feb 1, 5:21am

Ours ran out of INK, and it was cheaper to get a new one.

suicidemonkey, Feb 1, 5:23am
Not worth repairing printers when you can buy something decent that takes high capacity cartridges for around $100.

HP 6830 is a good choice.

sqidlie, Feb 1, 8:18am
HP has to be one of the easiest and cheapest printers to repair
All you need is 1 tork screw driver

Not that ever need a lot of repairs. People just don??

cookee_nz, Feb 1, 10:06am
VG Technologies, kaiwharawhara, HP Authorised Service Ctr but check cost of replacing it beforehand as there may be an inspection fee if you decide uneconomic. How far out of warranty is it ?

cookee_nz, Feb 1, 10:14am
problem with this is landfills loaded with technology perfectly good bar needing new supplies or a sometimes simple repair. The true full cost of recycling a product should be built into the purchase price, then we'd see repairs and replacing supplies being more cost-effective. Too easy for Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark etc etc to dump cheap rubbish thereby making keeping a not-even two-year-old printer unattractive. What do they care about our environment?

rak1, Feb 1, 11:17pm
Thanks cookee, will check them out. This printer has worked well for us for around 4 to 5 years. It was around the $400 mark so not the cheapest and not the most expensive. I would prefer to have it repaired as I hate the idea of repairable stuff going in landfills too.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 1, 11:50pm
It used to be the case that HP Printers under about $1000 you couldn't buy parts for.

richardw13, Feb 2, 2:35am
I purchased an inkjet about 5 years ago for close on $500, but a basic one today would produce just as good print quality. 5 years is a long life for such a thing, and you will likely be talking a couple of hundred at least to repair, and probably a hundy to just look at it. For that you can buy a new one, and canon for instance are offering big cashbacks at the moment. I basically picked up a near free inkjet all in one printer scanner, due to the cash back. I personally wouldn't throw good money after bad, and HP printers are made to a budget depending on the grade. At least with a new one you get a new warranty and CGA coverage, which you won't usually get with a repair.

purdie69, Feb 2, 7:07pm
Second Image at Paraparaumu are great and very reasonable

ianab, Feb 2, 10:00pm
Yeah, didn't say it was a good thing.

But you go in to buy cartridges for an old HP inkjet, and it's $90.
New multifuinction is $39.

I'd prefer to pay $90 for the printer and $39 for the ink, but that doesn't seem to be how their marketing plan works.

cookee_nz, Feb 3, 1:12am
Point taken of course, but just be sure you confirm how much actual printing you will get from the included cartridges because there is debate over how many of them ship with 'starter cartridges' which have lower yield than a full capacity retail cartridge. Bit like buying a new car that comes with petrol, just enough to get you to the gas station!

venna2, Nov 9, 1:52pm
PB Technologies in Vivian Street?

And Cartridge World in Kilbirnie for re-filled cartridges.

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