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Hi guys, have a acer laptop, when the windows 10 down loaded all seemed ok, but we can not get into E mails. @xtra .co.nz.
Comes up ( not synced yet ) when on inbox page, that comes up after clicking onto the mail thing at bottom of screen.
Can you help please, Cheers.

geek_aj.2., Aug 5, 5:42 pm

what mail program or website did you use prior to upgrade to view emails

geek_king1, Aug 5, 5:44 pm

er ? not sure as to that ? not very good on computer talk.
Wife said it was set up by dick smiths, and that they had set it onto the web? .
Question, would it help if we did a restore, would that remove windows 10, and allow us to view E mails,

geek_aj.2., Aug 5, 6:08 pm

probably your best bet is to give spark a ring and they should be able to talk you through setting it up

If your stuck for now you can just go to the webmail and log in there

geek_king1, Aug 5, 7:16 pm

Cheers, thank you for that, will do.

geek_aj.2., Aug 5, 7:21 pm

Most likely just a settings issue, look it up on their website or ph their call centre.

geek_lythande1, Aug 6, 8:05 am

Be wary, My Windows Mail stopped working and when I phoned Spark (a very overseas accented helper) they put me onto Yahoo Mail. Unless I connect onto the internet, which I don't always do. I cannot just read my emails whereas I could at Windows Mail and I could file them. I have also lost my address book on Yahoo and it tells me that I am not on safe mode and I should register for it. Not very computer savvy. Eeeeeeee.

geek_soxxy, Mar 16, 11:31 am

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