Any Sony Bravia TV Experts

I am helping an elderly lady. She has been watching her TV with a tall skinny picture with a bit of the top and bottom missing.
Model Sony Bravia KDL40EX500.
The remote has a button with a grid pattern on it (like noughts and crosses). Pressing this gives options to choose 5 different screen modes. Selecting "Full" gives a perfect picture. But next day when TV is turned back on it has reverted to "skinny" again. Is there any way to lock-in the "Full" mode so it doesn't have to be changed every time it is turned on.

geek_conjac, Jun 15, 11:52 pm

Ive got the previous model Bravia.

Press Home or whichever button to access the settings.
Go to set-up
Click on screen settings
There should be an option for wide mode

Change that to whatever you want to set as default (full in your case)

Then return back to main menu and close out

Hope that helps

geek_jon9, Jun 16, 1:01 am

Thanks jon9.
I will try that tonight.

geek_conjac, Jun 16, 3:54 am

I too thank you, had to do this every day, just need to turn off Auto wide also, so you can change to full.

geek_portly, Jun 20, 4:02 am

Glad to help

geek_jon9, Aug 6, 3:24 am