Sharing files through router

-cloud, Jun 3, 7:20am
Hi, is it possible to mount a usb storage drive to a router and access it like a normal storage device?
For example if i have a drive with movies/music/photos etc but i want to make it accessible to everyone in the household at any time. Do i need a special router for this?
I've tried and i've successfully got ftp working, but it seems to want to download everything. I just want the ability to stream? So something like sharing an itunes library with the music stored on the drive rather than someones laptop. is this possible?


vtecintegra, Jun 3, 7:22am
Depends on your router.

Samba (which is what you'll want to use) works fins (if a bit slowly) on my Asus N55U

cookee_nz, Jun 3, 7:31am
Simple answer, is there a USB port (type A) on the Router?, if so then more than likely it will support sharing a drive (or a printer). Quick test, just get a small USB memory stick and plug it in. It will likely appear under your network places as a device rather than as a folder or drive that you might be expecting. Also, there may be a requirement that the drive specifically be FAT32 or NTFS, this will be down to the Router design.
Also, you 'may' need to access the Router interface (put your gateway address into your browser) to enable the option, often it's called 'Content Sharing', but if you give us the model of the Router you will get a more certain answer. Or google the model yourself and you'll quickly find out. Either way, it's easier than it sounds and a great way to have stuff available for everyone on the network rather than shared folders off a PC.

-cloud, Jun 3, 9:28am
Yep. The modem is a huawei HG659b from Spark. I've shared files using ftp. But it doesnt give access like a hard drive if that makes sense? I also have to download the file rather than stream.

Is samba what i need? I'll looking into setting that up.
By the way - will samba allow me to access the drive through My Computer and read/write files? If not, is there a way of doing this?

d.snell, Jun 3, 9:52am

-cloud, Jun 4, 2:31am
Thanks. Will i have to log in each time i want to access the drive?
Also can it be accessed using iphone/ipad?

j.sim, Sep 13, 4:15pm
Pay attention to the specs of the drive. From manual "If you connect a USB device to the HG659b, verify that the input voltage and current of the USB device does not exceed 5 V/0.65 A. Otherwise, the HG659b may malfunction." My 1.5 terabyte toshiba draws 1.0 A and will not work consistently. I could play files from the drive but downloading to the drive caused total loss of connectivity quickly. Same drive worked perfectly with my previous router.

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