Changing the Time on a sony T.V.

johnhb, Apr 9, 11:28pm
We have a sony KDL52Z4500, big screen T.V. that's at most- 3-4 years old. Of course, the vulnerable point in the process that will break down first, is on the remote. My humble opinion is that should be the most robust part of the process of using said T.V. Surprise, surprise, that's the bit that broke down FIRST. But let's not go there (blood pressure, etc.)
Approached the shop we bought it from, of course they don't have any left, blah, blah, blah.
Before I embark on a world-wide search mission, can anyone help me with one minor technicality. I CAN'T CHANGE THE TIME on display on the screen, so with daylight saving, of course it's an hour out.
Anyone know how to change it? SOME of the functions on the remote still work, but is there any other way of making this "new" T.V. work again? P.S. I also rang sony but the lady in the Phillipines didn't seem to know what I was talking about, etc. etc.,

marywarren, Mar 4, 8:52am

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