TV connected to Internet via Wifi now.

Can I Skype with a camera and Microphone ( price & type if possible please)? Can I hook up a wireless key board and mouse and then beable to do what I presently do on a Desktop PC?
Help, suggestions, ideas please in easy to follow steps.
Many thanks

geek_kernal1, Apr 20, 7:40 am

Some tv's can, some can't. Hard to know without a make and model. Logitech make a camera with built in skype for this too.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Apr 20, 8:40 am

Sidenote: Don't go for a wireless keyboard and mouse, get a wireless keyboard with an intergrated touchpad.

geek_ross1970, Apr 20, 8:46 am

TV is a Samsung BUT purchased just prior to Freeview. Brought a BD-HDD Combo ( Samsung) This does everything (ie Freeview, plays dvd's Cds, and records) and how TV was connected to Wifi.(Internet)
Thanks Ross1970 for info about keyboard but is there no way I can have a mouse as have great difficulty with a touchpad?

geek_kernal1, Apr 20, 9:15 am

Post exact model number of TV. TVs from early and pre 2008 (Freeview HD TVs appeared around June/July of 2008) will certainly be limited in what they can do.

Note: Freeview HD (terrestrial service) started on 2nd April 2008.

And they didn't have inbuilt wireless either. Tell us exactly how TV connects to wireless, e.g., is it simply a display for the BD player which actually connects to wireless?

geek_spyware, Apr 20, 7:10 pm

Yes! TV is connected via the BD Player wirelessly to Internet. Actually TV doesn't have Freeview or anything else 'built in'.
Had hoped I had answered that question with my post above yours spyware. Thanks.

geek_kernal1, Apr 21, 2:07 am

So the tv isn't connected to the internet, the BD player is. The TV is just a display.

What's the model number of the BD player?

geek_loose.unit8, Apr 21, 2:54 am

In that case we need the model number of the Samsung box your tv is connected to, in order to know whether it is capable of supporting either a camera or a wireless keyboard (but the answer is probably no it can't)

geek_cafc2012, Apr 21, 2:58 am

ross1970 What a great piece of advice. Solved a problem for me. Thank you

geek_alaine4, Apr 23, 7:46 pm

Samsung BD-HDD Combo. Many thanks and have fingers crossed can at least set up a keyboard!

geek_kernal1, Apr 26, 7:35 am

Bump as hoping someone can add more info for me. Many thanks!

geek_kernal1, Apr 28, 6:10 am

What you want simply isn't possible without buying a new TV that can do what you wish.

geek_spyware, Apr 28, 6:27 am

Or grabbing an old PC and connecting that up

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 28, 6:31 am

Thanks now what can I do having TV connect to Internet?

geek_kernal1, Apr 28, 7:54 am

You can download and use apps from Samsung smart hub. Given BD player has a DLNA client you can use a DLNA server, e.g., Plex, Twonky, Emby, to stream media from a computer on your network.

geek_spyware, Jan 5, 8:23 am