Good wireless speed for chromecast?

zak410, Feb 26, 8:04am
What is the minimum good wireless internet speed to comfortably watch online content using chromecast?

lostdude, Feb 26, 8:48am
Anything faster than your internet connection

suicidemonkey, Feb 26, 8:59am
There are 2 factors here, internet connection speed and wireless network speed.

Your internet speed needs to be fast enough to keep up with streaming video on Youtube or whatever streaming sites you use.

Your wireless network needs to be fast enough to keep up with the bitrate of whatever video you're streaming. Most wireless routers will be fine as long as they're not too far from the Chromecast.

zak410, Feb 26, 10:54am
The laptop on wireless seems to stream videos as well as the Ethernet connected desktop.
We live rurally, slowish internet, would this internet speed be ok for using chromecast?

honeysacat, Jun 28, 3:14am

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