Nikon Superzoom camera question.

kaconda, Feb 5, 7:04am
i have a Nikon Coolpix L830 camera. There is no filter thread on the lens on these models. Does anyone know how to fit filters, lens hood etc? cheers

mazdasix, Feb 5, 7:33am

cjdnzl, Feb 5, 7:56am
You don't need filters on digital compact cameras. If you want to use polarisers etc you need a dslr. Colour filters are never used with digitals, since you can correct - or falsify - colour at the image processing stage. Fancy filters like starburst are a waste of time as well, Use it a couple times, get sick of it and never use it again.

fishb8, Feb 5, 8:02am
A polarising filter?

rockie6, Feb 5, 8:13am
I always use a polarising filter and haven't got a fancy post photo program. A photo should be able to stand alone, surely, with just a bit of cropping or re touching. Why the need to 'change' colours etc afterwards has me stumped.

mazdasix, Feb 5, 8:29am
UV filters are handy as they protect the lens. ND filters are also handy but you're right, get a DSLR if you want to use filters.

lostdude, Feb 5, 10:12am

fishb8, Feb 5, 5:50pm
I was meaning a polarising filter's results can't be replicated using Photoshop. you can do all sorts of other smarts and effects but not the original photo taken using a polarising filter.
I have a 13 y/o Minolta with an option manual focus and screw on screw-on polarising filter.

lostdude, Feb 6, 4:34am
haha gotcha. Thought you were asking like you've never heard of them before lol

fishb8, Feb 6, 8:36am
My first SLR was a Nikon Nikkormat from 1969 and had a polarising filter for that . 52 mm if my memory serves me well.

dinx, Sep 5, 9:20am
Have asked my photo guy, on the nikon models that have no thread, they are not mechanically designed to handle anything extra (weight etc) even if someone has designed an after market one.

While it might protect your lens to add one, at the same time you are adding pressure and weight it is no designed for, he wouldn't add one. If thats something you are really wanting, it might not be the right camera for you.

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