Manipulating 7,359 files in one folder

Are there any good programs (preferably freebies) or command lines I could use that will do this better than s-l-o-w Windows Explorer?

I have the three-DVD set of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journals, and the largest one, Apollo 17, is 4.31 GB with 7,359 files, of which 5,325 are jpegs. I want to make up my own libraries of the high-res jpegs from all the missions on my data HD, but Windows Explorer has problems handling such a big folder.

There are no issues regarding copyright because all Nasa stuff is copyright-free.

Most of the photos have low-res and high-res versions, and all the high-res lunar surface photos are numbered AS17-? -? HR.jpg.

? is the film number, and ? is the frame number, every one being consecutive through all the missions.

In the olden days of command lines I could have typed something like, "Copy F:a17/AS17-? -? HR.jpg to E:/Data 06 Apollo Photos/Apollo 17" and MS-DOS or Win95 would have taken care of everything.

[Gottta laugh at dear ol' Micro$oft. The help files say, "An easy way to keep track of documents on your computer is to use the Documents library. By default, the Documents library shows all the documents located in the My Documents folder, but you can include other folders in your Documents library too."

I have never stored any data where they want me to, because I don't want any hackers that get into my system (none have yet) to find my data that easily. Having been computing since 1984, I have many hundreds of documents, spreadsheets and databases. Some would have been written in Perfect Writer or Calc under CP/M, then converted to Wordstar and Quattro Pro in MS-DOS, then to MS Office under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, and now Open Office under Windows 7.]

geek_dbb, Aug 8, 1:33 am

Oh. Maybe I have the same problem. I have 65,000 files in one folder and it takes about 30 seconds to display any of the thumbnails. Maybe I'd better split it up. I'm using Ubuntu.
I used to use ThumbsPlus on Windows. That was incredibly fast.

geek_trade4us2, Aug 8, 4:19 am

I entirely agree with your comments about Windows Explorer being very slow when the folder has a large number of files, which I've struck when manipulating images to render into video. I've written VB.NET routines to avoid using Windows Explorer, and only ever display 1 image - never try to display the whole list of images.

Regarding MS-DOS, what stops you from opening a CMD prompt and using the exact commands you are familiar with?

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 8, 7:29 am

Use a File Explorer that allows you to filter the files (show just the file specs that you want to see). I know Q-DIR lets me filter by extension. You might have to use something with more options - Total Commander is more likely to have the options you want.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 8, 7:39 am

For the record this is crazy. Properly secure your system, don't try and obfuscate (because it isn't going to help at all)

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 8, 8:24 am


But to your question: TeraCopy or FastCopy.

geek_duggin, Aug 8, 9:05 am

Robocopy ?

geek_ross1970, Aug 8, 10:07 am

Thanks, but your post is somewhat vague.

What exactly is crazy about not using Microsoft's My Documents etc? I've never ever used it going right back to Windows 95, or Windows 1 or MS-DOS or CP/M. Never needed it. Why would I want to use it?

I believe I have got everything secured. Trend Micro blocked about 30 attempts in 20 minutes to get into my system last month. What exactly do you mean?

What am I obfuscating? Can't understand what you mean.

geek_dbb, Aug 10, 12:06 am

Thanks for that! I've never known about Command Prompt in Windows 7 because I heard that they'd scrubbed DOS commands years ago, maybe around the time of Windows XP, so will look into it. If I can make it work it might do what I want, quickly and easily.

geek_dbb, Aug 10, 12:16 am

Thank for everyone's advice. I've downloaded Total Commander to try.

geek_dbb, Mar 7, 3:26 am

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