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sushi2, Apr 1, 3:23am
We do not have a home computer but I have a iPad can I download music off this onto a iPod or MP3 player etc. I am a bit thick when it comes to these sorts of things. Many thanks

cafc2012, Apr 1, 3:35am
The answer is "sort of"

An iPod is a kind of MP3 player, but there are many other devices that can also play MP3 files. There are also many other formats that music can come in, but happily most "MP3 Players" can also play those formats.

If you have an iPad, you also have an iTunes account. If you buy music to download from the iTune store you can also download it an play it on any other apple devices you have, that are associated with that account.

However you would not be able to move music to a non-apple device and have it play very easily.

sushi2, Apr 1, 3:40am
Thanks for that advice cafc2012 so if I buy a Apple iPod it should work is that right

suicidemonkey, Apr 1, 3:42am
If you buy an iPod Touch you can buy music and have them sync via iCloud to your other Apple devices. This requires an internet connection.

I don't believe it will work on a regular iPod (Classic, Shuffle, Nano, etc).

sushi2, Apr 3, 4:06am
We have Internet for the iPad and tablet in the house and I was looking at a iPad touch thanks for all your help

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