OS X install usb

Any suggestions on how to get an install sub drive. Not sure I want to spend $40 to get one off here. No friends I know have a Mac. Hard drive clapped out on iMac late 2009 and trying to get Mavericks again. No problem with getting windows running ironically, but that's not what I'm after

geek_kieran211, Mar 29, 4:16 pm


But you need a Mac. I'm a bit far away to help, sorry. How can you not know anyone with a Mac? :-)

geek_tillsbury, Mar 29, 5:38 pm

Yeah, well I do, me but broken. My sister, shes in canada. Another friend, overseas. My friends are mostly into games etc so windows. Have already been to sites like the above, have tried about 3 different ways to try make a bootable Mavericks USB via Windows - not particularly easy, and not sure I want a potentially dodgey image to start from.

If someone feels extra awesome, I'll post out a USB with prepaid return and pay you $10 for the hassle haha

geek_kieran211, Apr 2, 11:14 am

I am happy to help but I currently only have Yosemite but I think I can probably download 10.9 again and make a usb bootable copy of it. Not sure if I am allowed to post an email address on here, sure as hell don't want to put my home address up here

Edit: apparently I can put contact details of Well Known Companies up here. Send your stick with a return address to Pall New Zealand, P.O.Box 10492 Hamilton attn Chris and I will send it back to you.

geek_piperguy, Mar 30, 10:08 am

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