Printing photos from USB stick

free-h-oldies, Sep 11, 12:39am
when I put the stick into my laptop 125 photos are on it and I can see them but when I put the stick into a kiosk to print photos only 39 show up, how can I see the others I am wanting to get prints off HELP!

gsimpson, Sep 11, 12:47am
Have a look at the suffix. ie .jpg vs .JPG

I had a camera that put them in caps which some programs did not recognise.

newbie5, Sep 11, 2:50am
do what I do and put them on the computer then print them off yourself using photo paper . About $15 for 50 sheets @ warehouse stationary

suicidemonkey, Sep 11, 3:23am
Most photo Kiosks (such as the ones at Warehouse Stationery) won't show you any photos below 50kb in size. This is because they're too small to get a good quality print.

If your photos are off the internet, from e-mail or Facebook, then that is probably the reason.

free-h-oldies, Nov 27, 8:31am
Thanks everyone for your help, it was the Warehouse Stationery I tried, my friend is going to print them for me now, from her computer

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