Lightbox and chromcast

Trying to get lightbox to chromecast to my TV and having problems. Does this not work or am I missing something. I did google it but could not find a answer. Nothing on the lightbox site. Cheers

geek_75ta, Apr 13, 6:40 am

Lightbox are still working on getting the system to work on Chromecast. There was something in the paper about it a couple of weeks ago.

geek_finfang, Apr 13, 10:29 am

Can someone Please explain what Lightbox actually is Thank you & is it really worth it. How do you get it setup.

geek_ferrit47, Apr 13, 10:37 am

We only signed up for Lightbox as Spark had a promotion with 12 months free membership. If you have a lot of time to watch tv programs you will probably enjoy it. Lightbox streams tv programs to your computer, so you will need to watch your internet usage. If you go to the Lightbox website I think you can still get 30 days free viewing. Cheers

geek_finfang, Apr 13, 10:49 am

OP what have you tried so far? I don't have Lightbox (but might as I'm on Spark) however I find if I use the Chrome browser it casts fine, but does Lightbox use it's own application? In which case I'll wait until they've fixed that.

geek_mikep, Apr 13, 11:14 am

It uses Microsoft Silverlight (same as Netflicks I think)

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 13, 11:58 am

Spark have said recently they will have an actual Lightbox app available soon.

geek_ross1970, Apr 13, 12:20 pm

Thanks all I think I will have to wait until a fix comes along. Yes I was using Chrome browser but it just did nothing. Thought that silverlight would be the problem and you would also think that Lightbox would mention that it will not work with chromecast. Cheers I haven't lost anything so no problem. The Android app only works with Samsung which is also a bit short sighted.

geek_75ta, Apr 13, 12:23 pm

geek_galex, Apr 13, 1:03 pm

Try casting the entire screen, not just the window,

geek_mattnzw, Apr 13, 4:46 pm

Lightbox is basically TV on your PC. You sign up for it online, and then pretty much just open the website and select which program you want to watch. You can connect your PC / laptop to your tv with an HDMI cable to watch it on your TV instead of your computer screen.

There are a set number of programs available, so it's not every program you can think of. And it does use your internet connection, so if you use it a lot it pays to have unlimited broadband.

As for whether it's worth it or not, it really depends on how much you value the programs they do have that aren't on 'normal tv' (like Outlander) or how much it's worth to you to be able to watch something when you want. Spark are constantly having promos and it's pretty cheap to have.

Hope that helps :-)

geek_vix.tribe, Apr 14, 3:29 pm

No Thank you.

geek_ferrit47, Apr 14, 3:48 pm

Lightbox is doomed.
They really are useless - problems with device registration that they blame on "the studios' demands" - yet Netflix don't have the same issues, they didn't allow sufficient bandwidth for popular shows, crappy interface with serious flaws, poor/inaccurate help pages. They were Telecom - so what did you expect? If you're getting it for free, then you're getting what you're paying for.

geek_mm12345, Apr 14, 8:19 pm

One of the big problems with lightbox is that it relies on Silverlight on the PC,so it doesn't work on linux. It also can't be cast to a chromecast via a tab due to copy protection. currently it is in a sort of beta stage, which is possibly why telecom broadband customers got a free 12 month subscription

geek_mattnzw, Apr 15, 3:20 pm

A chromecast app for Lightbox is coming apparently.

geek_ross1970, Apr 15, 3:59 pm

So is Xmas though. Quickflix already has all the apps and things needed, but don't have the content. Lightbox has ok content, but not the apps to get it on devices. You would think they would join forces, as I doubt both will continue to exist long term

geek_mattnzw, Apr 15, 4:12 pm

or rather a Lightbox app for chromecast .

geek_ross1970, Apr 15, 4:18 pm

Gave up trying to cast lightbox. I use hdmi cord straight from the PC. The only thing I use chromecast for is viewing photos/streaming spotify and watching youtube. Also found the best option for netflix is apple TV (on lan not wireless)

geek_ericshanluck, Apr 17, 9:09 pm

Google is killing off support for old style NPAPI plugins in Chrome on Windows soon too which is going to kill Silverlight there as well (at least for Chrome users).

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 18, 7:55 am

Lightbox on iPad, using Air Play to stream to Apple TV works a treat

geek_john.abel, Apr 18, 8:39 pm

Lol. Problem solved. Converting to Apple now.

geek_rlr29, Apr 19, 11:48 am

we have a late samsung and get lightbox straight on tv and we love the shows on there so many good ones and you can watch more then one episodeat a time no waiting from week to week

geek_crash01, Apr 19, 12:00 pm

Only true for old shows - current ones are still on a weekly release

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 19, 12:02 pm

I found that I can use a chromecast by casting the whole screen but it is a bit choppy but it does work.

geek_75ta, Apr 20, 9:23 am

I found this on the interweb, it also applies to Lightbox,
Sorted after much searching. Both Qickflix and Lightbox would not work. The enclosed also applies to Silverlight.
???Java is a NPAPI plugin.
NPAPI plugins are being phased out of Chrome 42. Please note that Chrome will not support NPAPI plugins sometime after April 2015, therefore any websites that use these plugins will all stop working: It will get more difficult to run NPAPI plugins in Chrome. See the depreciation schedule below.

As well, NPAPI plugins will no longer be shown in the chrome://plugins page starting with Chrome v.42 and onwards.
You can change the behavior right now. in the future this flag will go away.
Put this in Omnibox (white Box above) where URL goes, then hit enter.

Enable the option
Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows
Enables the use of NPAPI plugins. #enable-npapi

Relaunch Chrome.

geek_kerryalan, Feb 4, 3:30 am

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