Tower flashing light

toyota_fan, May 24, 5:59am
i have a compaq presario computer tower it was working a few days ago it is old and i went to turn it on today and the light at the back of the tower "green light" is flashing fast and making a ticking noise computer won't power up at all, any body know what the cause of this may be need it sorted asap cheers

king1, May 24, 6:06am
sounds like a dead power supply

toyota_fan, May 24, 6:21am
So i just need to change the power supply box with one the same and it should go again? cheers

king1, May 24, 6:52am
in theory, yes. but there are other possibilities.
I assumed the green light was on the power supply unit, but it could also conceivably be the Ethernet port which sometimes have a green flashing light. Ultimately its trial and error by swapping out parts

toyota_fan, May 26, 12:52am
Thanks for that i changed over the power supply box and is going good now :)

king1, Oct 17, 3:55pm
good to hear.

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