Samsung phone charger

how come some chargers dont work as well as others. is it the plug piece. or the detachable bit. does anyone know. lol i have 2 chargers. one works well. and the other takes forever.

geek_may321, Mar 5, 8:24 am


geek_ross1970, Mar 5, 8:26 am

which means what?

geek_may321, Mar 5, 8:30 am

Very basically. Different chargers have different amperage output. Example: A 2 amp charger will charge faster than a 1 amp charger (provided the battery will draw that much).

geek_suicidemonkey, Mar 5, 8:45 am

I use iPad charger to charge iPhone. So so fast.

geek_trevenco, Mar 5, 12:23 pm

Higher amperage is the key. I love my 2amp chargers.
You usually find the dirt cheap no-name chargers are 0.5amp or less and take all day to charge anything.
All chargers should have the rating on them somewhere, usually a voltage and amperage rating.

geek__drdee_, Mar 5, 10:22 pm

thanks drdee ill check my amperage.

geek_may321, Jun 14, 4:11 pm