Iphone 6

rachyd, Feb 11, 11:10pm
What are your opinions iphone 6 owners

tillsbury, Feb 11, 11:35pm
It just works. Had one since day 1.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 12, 3:22am
Happy with it, glad I didn't go for the 6+ in the end.

footplate1, Feb 12, 3:54am
Can you say why, please? I have still to decide.

remmers, Feb 12, 4:09am
I did go for the 6 + and for me was the right thing to do. I do not use the phone app much but do use it like a tablet for emails, ebooks, browsing and GPS so extra size screen is excellent. Also battery life is excellent compared to my previous 5S.

designerliving, Feb 12, 4:14am
My 15 Y/O Daughter purchase one (shes a complete apple freak) she previously had an ipod touch, then iphone 4s, and has a new generation iPad. After about 4 days the volume up button stopped having a nice definitive click when operating although it still worked. Had the phone replaced under warranty, she has noticed its a bit buggy, under specced and the battery doesnt last long and the software isnt as intuitive as previous and is slower . Lately shes starting saying she regrets buying it and prefers my galaxy s5 (and thats saying something as being the apple fan she is she usually hates anything samsung) When she had her 4s i at the time had a Galaxy S3 and she was forever saying how crap it was compared to her 4s) Funilly she and also I want a note 4 instead of our current phones

rudahome, Feb 12, 4:35am
Too big for a phone, too small for a tablet. It doesn't fit in your pocket, so unless you carry a bag you can't put it away comfortably.

tillsbury, Feb 12, 4:58am
If I still wore a suit every day I would certainly have gone for the 6+. However, my phone is my wallet and I keep it in my trouser pocket all the time. The 6+ is just too big for this, the 6 the perfect size. I never watch videos or similar on my phone, so that part of it is irrelevant.

tillsbury, Feb 12, 5:00am
Under specced? The iphone 6? It thrashes every other phone to pieces on all the benchmarks. Someone's been reading Android websites.

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 5:03am
Yeah the CPU in those is incredible. The lack of RAM is a real issue though as it means constant browser tab reloads which is a real pain.

As for size remember the 6 Plus is a big phone for the size of screen it has - it's very thin but has comparatively large bezels:

designerliving, Feb 12, 6:05am
Really! the Iphone 6's infrared sensor allowing it to be used as a universal remote thrashed the competition? Can you provide a link to when and where this "thrashing" test occured

2nd2none, Feb 12, 7:14am
This is my 3rd iPhone that I've owned but I went from the Nexus 5 to a 6 plus and it's not a bad device, it was either the iPhone 6+ or the new Nexus 6. I chose the iPhone mainly for resale value so if I wasn't happy I could still sell knowing I had a better resale value then another android phone, and I'm very happy with it, as tillsbury said "it just works" it does everything flawlessly, the size actually feels the norm now, it's not a hindrance for me, fits easily into my pocket. I'm a bit of a phone whore so I probably won't have it for long and will probably jump back and forth between apple and android over the course of the year, but while I've got this all I can say is in happy with it without a doubt.

remmers, Feb 12, 8:12am
I can control my Samsung Smart TV with my iPhone, assume it works on wifi.

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 8:15am
No one cares about IR blasters in this day and age.

The CPU in the iPhones are what trashes everything else at the moment - impressive stuff

designerliving, Feb 12, 8:24am
Im just telling you what real people care about in the real world, things like the ability to use it as a universal remote and its water resistance are things that people like, cant say i have ever heard someone say all i care about is the CPU.
Thats just stuff that real world people dont care about unless your a super tech head, most people wouldnt even use it to its potential.

I dont care either way a phones a phone and i dont subscribe to the whole its only possible to like apple not android or only android not apple, thats for little kids. What i do care about is buying a phone that has the most real world useable features

vtecintegra, Feb 12, 8:27am
While the average person might well care about water resistance they definitely won't care about the universal remote feature and most of the other junk Samsung, LG and the like add

Personally I have an LG G3 and while it is a good phone for the price it has an infuriating number of software quirks that make it a lot less pleasant to use than a vanilla Android phone or something running iOS

2nd2none, Feb 12, 9:20am
Meh when I had my S4 the watch on app was nothing more then a novelty feature like most of Samsung's features, infuriating to use most times and only good for trolling the TV discreetly :)

I find the fingerprint scanner on the 6+ a great feature, reach in to the pocket click the home button once, hold thumb on it as I'm pulling out my phone and presto already unlocked, no more click, swipe, pin, unlock.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 12, 9:23am
In the real world, people use the IR blaster once go "hey that's pretty neat" and then forget all about it.

The 6Plus just wasn't for me size wise. I had one for a week to try and it always felt too big/clunky. I can see how it would suit others well all the same.

mazdasix, Aug 20, 4:11am
I carry a Nexus 6 (which is bigger) in my pocket comfortably and I'm an average sized human with average sized pockets

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