Help just went and googled something

bluebear609, Apr 26, 9:09pm
and it came up with this global hack page - big logo - i closed out with x rather than hit okay but im so worried what is this about please ? hoping i havent been hacked. how will i know if i have been and what are some precautions i should take, thanx

i changed password on mail page that was open but will i need to change on everything?

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:02pm
Don't think you've got anything to worry about, download Malwarebytes and run a scan. Orange button for free version.

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:22pm
Which antivirus do you use, seems to affect Avast users the most.

bluebear609, Apr 27, 10:51pm
hi thanks wayne, (would be same as other poster, doctors website, but Im not patient ;-) . as soon as it happened I did virus scan, run nod32 eset, scanned well, no quarantines or anything else, computer up to date but got paranoid so changed email password and bank then continued to do alot more things. is it necessary? (the other things. flybuys etc etc) Im not computer techno so was quite concerned when it all came up,thanx

wayne416, Apr 27, 10:57pm
I think your safe, just carry on as usual.

suicidemonkey, Apr 27, 11:15pm
"Hackers" can't suddenly access your private data because you've gone to a dodgy website. The only way that would happen is if you've installed some dodgy software.

In other words, don't worry about it.

bluebear609, Apr 27, 11:16pm
thanx . should i continue to change every password on everything? do you think. also is there anyway i would know if been hacked. and someone mentioned in another thread it could just be kids that put it up? could this be a possibility. appreciate your help as this has freaked me somewhat thanx. oh and why would you think i would be safe, due to virus protection?/early scan? just trying to get to understand thanx

bluebear609, Apr 27, 11:17pm
thanks just googled doctors in tauranga clicked the link and big logo etc freaked me out as try to be very safe

r.g.nixon, Apr 27, 11:26pm
Which site? I tried a heap of them, and all OK,

vtecintegra, Apr 27, 11:35pm

bluebear609, Apr 28, 12:04am
cant recall and dont want to go back there
think googled tauranga doctors
and it was the first site that came up
cant recall name but as soon as clicked it came up with global hackers
nothing in name to suggest anything suss otherwise wouldn't have gone in there

suicidemonkey, Apr 28, 12:05am
It's fine.

bluebear609, Dec 30, 2:52am
so it will be okay then? how will i know if its not?

like I said I did virus scan, changed passwords on some things - is it necessary to change others? yes tad paranoid lol thanx

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