TVNZ on demand

Hi does anyone know if this is still available with windows 8.1 ? Ive always been able to get it but having problems now ? Thanks

geek_dcm30, Aug 16, 10:57 pm

define 'problems'

geek_king1, Aug 16, 11:12 pm

I am on 8.1 and it is working for me.

geek_waipawa, Aug 16, 11:13 pm

Ok thanks, when I get to a programme my laptop seems to freeze on the picture then comes right, but could be my internet playing up I think, as my daughter having probs with her pc as well. Will sort it!

geek_dcm30, Aug 16, 11:19 pm

The wife watchs tv ondemand it always gave her grief we upgraded our router/wifi to a much better one and now no problems . tplink n750. same as this

geek_cranken28, Feb 13, 4:09 am

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