Securepc fast scam - help please

Have installed Windows 10 no problems a few days ago. Something has hijacked the new browser from warning of security errors etc - a scam - asking us to call an 0800 002 562 number immediately to limit damiges (note spelling! ). cant seem to get rid of it. We run Kasperskey total security and I have run a malwarebytes scan and found no threats. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

geek_duffpot, Aug 4, 7:04 pm

geek_king1, Aug 4, 7:05 pm

thank you - will try it - is it ok with windows 10? thanks

geek_duffpot, Aug 4, 7:14 pm

just tried it now, works fine with the exception of a windows error about shutting down the start menu and cortana, which you can safely ignore.

geek_king1, Aug 4, 7:56 pm

thank you - i disconnected from the internet and then reset the homepage for Microsoft Edge and then reconnected and it fixed it. I will run the tool you suggest now as well. I did call the 0800 number and gave them a right bollocking. Wont help I know, but made me feel better, Thanks for your help.

geek_duffpot, Mar 28, 5:10 am

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