Pound Sterling symbol?

Years ago I knew a series of keystrokes to produce a pound sign in MSWORD. Can anyone remember them?

geek_santolina, Jun 17, 4:39 am

Assuming you're using Windows 7 or 8 - Open the character map by typing it onto the start menu search. This will show you all of the possible symbols.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 17, 4:41 am

£ = ALT+156

geek_lostdude, Jun 17, 5:09 am

Also, (at least in Windows 7) you can open charcter map, click on the symbol or character that you want and it gives you the alt codes, or you can drag and drop straight from charachter map if you have a lap top that doesn't have a number pad.

geek_zirconium, Jun 17, 6:41 am

Or ALT0163

Wonder why there are two different shortcuts?

geek_justinian1, Jun 17, 6:50 am

On the menu in Word, click on 'Insert', then 'Symbol'. All Word's available symbols are there, including the pound sign (£)

geek_-bookzone-, Jun 17, 8:22 am

i got a key with $£ on it with shift to select either on my laptop.

geek_intrade, Jun 17, 9:12 pm

All to do with ASCII and Unicode, and how computers turn sequences of 0s and 1s into letters and other numbers.

geek_floydbloke, Jun 18, 6:13 am

I think Unicode is more web friendly and has superseded ASCII . Plus, from a personal point of view, it gives me that elusive Phonographic Copyright symbol (the html code for it is something like ampersand#8471; or 8741, and even then, whether a site page will reproduce it depends on which UTF coding they use 16/32), but hey, I ain't an expert.

geek_voidnice, Jun 19, 9:26 am

Thank you Bookzone. It works fine in MS WORD so I cut and paste into my emails. However is it possible to do direct from my email?

geek_santolina, Jun 19, 10:58 pm


As in post # 3

Just hold down the alt key & at the same time press 156.

geek_speights40, Aug 6, 11:23 pm

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