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therev1, Apr 25, 12:40am
HiTwenty months ago on hols at family. Used there computer 4 banking.Just recently did the same logged on to site and automatically there was my log in details already entered for someone to press enter and there are all my accountsThis is after twenty months and never using that computer in that gap. Logged out numerous times as couldnt beleive it.Reentered and it always happens on that one computer only. . changed password .Rung bank numerous times,finally been told its definitely not our system, its the computer you are using needs to change its settings. How? no one can tell us. Bank said it happens two to three times a month they get calls re this problem.anyway computer that is doing this its only the bank site have this issue with. Using the same computer to do TradeMe or facebook i always have to lodge in each time or them log out.Its only the one site it happens on and that one computer only. Go elsewhere or cafe its just normal.log in/out.My issue is how come this happens and what happens to someone with good IT skills who does this.? Asked numerous computer shops and no one can advise us on how to change the settings? Your thoughts on what to do? Thanks

sakkara, Apr 25, 12:48am

wayne416, Apr 25, 12:53am
First clear cookies and saved passwords from browser on that computer and set not to remember passwords but more important don't click remember me box on log in and log out when finished. Even better what i do when using another computer is use private mode so when finished computer remembers nothing.

suicidemonkey, Apr 25, 12:53am
Browsers save login information. When you logged in, you must have clicked "save login details".

You need to clear the browser history.

mechnificent, Apr 25, 12:58am
If you tell us what web browser you are using it would help a lot. And the operating system, eg, xp, vista, win7 etc

nzoomed, Apr 25, 1:11am
You will be surprised to learn how many people have their internet banking passwords saved in their browser, quite scary.

mark.52, Apr 25, 1:14am
The family computer has the browser set to auto-remember logons and passwords.

This can usually be changed in internet options.

Strange that no-one at the bank can tell you how to fix this.

mark.52, Apr 25, 1:14am
Oh, and what I'd do, is change my banking password. Toot sweet.

suicidemonkey, Apr 25, 1:18am
Yeah I'm surprised the bank couldn't help. It's a very common issue with a very simple solution.

lythande1, Apr 25, 2:33am
Don't believe it. what bank? They don't allow saved logins for their site, never mind your PC settings.

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 2:50am
The bank has no control over whether the browser remembers the password unless they use some sort if workaround (like splitting the username and password off onto separate pages, using some crazy JavaScript keyboard)

therev1, Apr 25, 2:54am
Hi. Thanks guys for all info above.Mark 52. Yep did that changed password.ThanksWhat I dont understand is why is it happen on the bank site only.on that one computer, as using same one have to re log in and log out as normal.I know they have tried to cancel and it hasnt done it as its still happening.Dont know at mom what system they are using. But will find out later. Cheers and many thanks.

gyrogearloose, Apr 25, 2:54am
And they probably did that with their old computer too, which they took to the eWaste dropoff run by the computer guys who took their pick of the best machines.

billyfieldman, Apr 25, 3:20am
Would using Chrome's incognito mode avoid the problem that the OP was having?

mechnificent, Apr 25, 3:37am
The web browser has saved the password, not the banks cookie. As has been mentioned, banks frown on saving passwords.

The Op needs to unsave the password off that computer. and how will be dependent on the browser and the operating system.

Changing the password was not the cure and was unnessecary. The password is stored on the computer in encrypted form. Anyone trying to see the password would see *******, and unless they(Mum) are a bit computer savy, they aren't going to get it out of it's stored version either.

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 3:45am
Not necessarily true - by default Firefox will happily show you any saved passwords from in the Security menu.

nzoomed, Apr 25, 5:13am
yes it would

mechnificent, Apr 25, 5:33am
Seriously ?

Readable "

I haven't noticed. That is slack security. anyone that can hack or access the computer can read all the password. I thought all the modern browsers were a bit safer than that.

Shuffles off to investigate.

First I'll have to save some passwords haha.

suicidemonkey, Apr 25, 5:36am
Mine does (BNZ). Both in Chrome and Safari. The bank can't stop the browser from remembering the details of a form.

That's why I use Netguard - even with my login details, I still need the numbers on a little card to log in.

wayne416, Apr 25, 5:39am
It does and so does Pale Moon and other Firefox based browsers. I don't store them so not worried about it but they could do better.

mechnificent, Apr 25, 5:42am
There is a difference between a site storing your password in one of their cookies on your computer, and the web browser saving the password for you.
Banks don't send cookies that save passwords, they think that saving passwords is a bad idea. If their password gets stored on your computer it's because you have set your web browser to save passwords.

socram, Apr 25, 5:43am
UK Bank has a secondary system, where you have to input 3 characters from another password such as the 1st, 4th and 7th this time. Next time may be the 2nd, 3rd and 7th.

mechnificent, Apr 25, 5:44am
Yeah, I don't store passwords, but I do allow cookies to save passwords, then I can clear them easily, and I know they are only non-critical ones.

mechnificent, Apr 25, 5:46am
It's all getting too annoying. And they keep wanting me to get a cell phone. I think I'll join the underground economy.

therev1, Jan 14, 10:03pm
Thanks everyone,for all the info and its sorted. Cheers

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