Weird Intel ES CPU - WTF is it?

Found this thing on eBay for cheap. It works perfectly fine, but it has to be one of the weirdest CPUs I've seen:

The ES code is Q4EG. It shows in the BIOS as simply "Intel Core i7," in Windows as "Core i7 CPU X 980," CPU-Z calls it 980X, and Core Temp calls it 920X.

I've had a few ES CPUs before, and they all display as "Genuine Intel CPU @ X.XX GHz" or similar. This one not only displays the whole model number/ID string, but it shows different names at different places.

Oh, and it has an unlocked multiplier, too, but I guess that's the case with all earlier ES CPUs. (It doesn't overclock very well, though. My "proper" Xeon X5672 can do 4.8 GHz at the same voltages.)

geek_tail_red, Aug 15, 1:05 pm

geek_schizoid, Aug 15, 5:32 pm

Yeah, I suppose so, though I've never seen one for sale back in its days.

It must have been one of those "paper releases" that never went into mass production because of the low yield - or rather, all the good 6-core silicon went into the Xeons.

Anyway, I only paid about $80 for it, so I might just keep it, even though it doesn't overclock well. It's still over 30% faster at rendering than my X5672 @ 4.8 GHz, thanks to its two extra cores, and better than anything AMD currently has.

geek_tail_red, Feb 16, 10:54 pm

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