Samsung G3 Station 2Tb no longer working!

mahairy, Mar 23, 2:59am
Hi. I am very worried as I can't get my external hard drive going after 2 years with no problems. The lights flash and there's no recognition of it on my laptop! What could be the problem please?

sanders4, Mar 23, 6:35am
Last time I had this it was a faulty usb female plug on my laptop. Try on another usb port or take to your mates and try on their pc.

nice_lady, Mar 23, 6:38am
Hope your external harddrive has copies of your stuff on it and other copies reside on your computer or elsewhere?

If so you can re-do your backup with ease should the drive prove to have died.???

mahairy, Mar 23, 9:06am
Tried it on two other computers. . no go.

suicidemonkey, Mar 23, 9:16am
Surely you've got another backup of your important docs? 1 hard drive isn't a backup

mahairy, Mar 23, 9:33am
Obviously . for the important stuff. but there are lots of movies I wouldn't mind salvaging.

mr-word, Mar 24, 5:52am
First you have to try running chkdisk /r drive letter: on the hard drive from the command prompt in administrator mode.
The partition or the master file table (mfat) on the hard drive may have corrupted. If restoring the partition fails you have to go the file recovery route.

nice_lady, Mar 24, 5:57am
Have to access the drive first.
Try a different cable, failing that pull the drive out of the case and slave o
It directly to an internal sata port on a desktop

mr-word, Apr 23, 4:12am
I've got several usb cables but usually its not a faulty cable.

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