Old blonde help please

anne1955, May 18, 10:31pm
I am trying to retrieve something I just wrote and did a copy to clipboard to post on FB THEN before copying that I added another thing to clip board now I can't find 1st thing I put on the clipboard And I didn't save it :(( Can I find it ok real blonde and old person type question. So real simple replies please

wayne416, May 18, 10:39pm
Probably not as only one item can be copied, the second will have replaced the first.

king1, May 18, 10:47pm
you could try ctrl Z to undo in the program where you originally typed it. Chrome/word etc will undo multiple levels, notepad only once

mikep, May 19, 2:00am
This is not a solution to the 'blonde syndrome', but once I found I was doing similar things, I started using the Notepad editor to store stuff to. If you're using Windows, just right-click on the desktop, select New the Text Document from the popup menu and an icon will appear on the desktop named "New Text Document.txt".

r.g.nixon, May 19, 3:26am
Investigate 'clipboard managers'. I use 'Ditto' on Windows 8 - free, stores the last 999 copies or printscreens.

anne1955, Nov 8, 2:14pm
Thanks people totally lost now but that's fine lol guess I just need to remember to not, not save stuff till I know I have done things right :) And was probably best I didn't publish it on my FB page lol might have got some people snapping at my ankles :) But thanks again for the help.

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