Office IP ph's, ok for std domestic voip?

mrfxit, May 1, 9:49pm
Hi all,
Had a few office IP ph's turn up & need to know if theres any issues with using them for domestic viop services.
From what Aunti Google tells me, they are the same system.
Theres a few different models but all are commercial office IP based desktop ph's.

macman26, May 2, 12:55am
As long as you have the passwords and usernames or can be factory reset should be fine.

d.snell, May 2, 1:22am
Will depend on if they are true standalone IP phones or if they are propriety and use a similar propriety central router to interface too.

mrfxit, May 2, 1:23am
Mmm never heard or seen anyone using an IP office ph that needed a password.
Maybe for their intranet connection to the outside line yes but would have thought that was set up on the office communications server

pyro_sniper2002, May 2, 2:08am
Depends on the phone. Some are designed to only work with their proprietary system and don't use standard SIP.

spyware, May 2, 3:29am
Given your lack of knowledge I'll say you'll struggle. Maybe build yourself a FreePBX server on an Intel NUC to start and then play around with provisioning the phones. Use a registered trunk to connect to sip service provider.

mrfxit, Dec 24, 4:20pm
LOL, as always a complicated answer to a basic request for information,
with an added insult this time.

Nice . not.

Anyways, thanks for the instructions but the ph's really aren't worth that much mucking about for the NZ market.

Pyro's comment was much simpler & a simple pointer for more info

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