Adblockplus for androids.

Has anyone used this and if you have, does it do the job?
Any problems or advice? I'm using a samsung s3 tablet if that means anything.TIA.

geek_graybeard, Feb 17, 4:05 pm

I use Mercury browser on iPad ss its got built in adblock, works well. Its available on Android also.

geek_rz_zone, Feb 17, 4:09 pm

yes it works great, but google dont allow adblockers on the play store, so you have to download the apk from adblock plus' website

geek_nzoomed, Feb 17, 4:14 pm

Thanks guys.

geek_graybeard, Feb 17, 4:22 pm

Its a resource hog like it is with Windows.

geek_wayne416, Aug 4, 3:16 am

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