Wireless transmitting to tv

goldstar1, Mar 24, 3:41am
Is there any way I can wirelessly transmit programs from my laptop to my TV? The TV has USB and hdmi inputs. Getting sick of tripping over wires all the time!

spyware, Mar 24, 5:23am
Data cable your house. Wireless isn't all that suited to high bitrates, in 5 years or so 60 GHz wireless will support uncompressed video up to 6 Gbps but given 60 GHz can't penetrate walls it will require running data cable to the ceiling in each room.

pommyjohn1, Mar 24, 5:13pm
Buy yourself a Chromecast only $60 and work like a charm

mikep, Apr 22, 9:55am
Chromecast was my choice, but there are other options. If the laptop is an Apple then perhaps AppleTV, which I know nothing about. Also Chromecast will only work if you have home Wifi, which we have to assume you have.

What programs are you wanting to watch? eg TVOndemand. At present you need to use the Chrome browser for best results.

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