Programmes on new computers

rose-murray, Oct 12, 8:59pm
I have a new laptop. It didn't come with Office or word or anything. my old PC has all that, but because it is a dell it came with all that preloaded (about 8 years ago). It didn't come with the discs and I can't afford to purchase new software. Is it possible to transfer software from one computer to the other? Old PC is XP and laptop is windows 8. I used a disc that came with the PC, Microsoft Works 9 and that is quite useful, but a lot of documents can't be opened without Office etc

r.g.nixon, Oct 12, 9:04pm
Use either (or both) a free Microsoft Office 'viewer' program (read only, can't edit). or a free 99% compatible program such as LibreOffice.

socram, Oct 12, 9:07pm
It should be possible to get a legal older version of Office fairly cheaply - via TM? I still have 2007 & 2010 discs but 2013 might be a bit trickier if it has previously been activated. I'm guessing here!

munchnz, Oct 12, 9:20pm
just download OpenOffice, is free and does everything Office does and more.

vtecintegra, Oct 12, 9:43pm
Depends on what your needs are - you could try Libreoffice (which is a better fork of OpenOffice) and see if it'll work.

Otherwise Office 365 (subscription based) is fairly reasonably priced.

rose-murray, Oct 12, 10:12pm
I have downloaded the open office. it will be fine for opening documents. I don't use it much anyway. I just never realised how many things need office to look at them I can still use the old PC off line for anything creative I want to do. I can then save to USB and see it on this PC if I want.

lythande1, Oct 12, 10:33pm
No they don't.
Some have a trial installed, which you then have to pay for and activate.
If you don't want to pay the money, then download Libre Office, it's free.

ianab, Oct 12, 10:48pm
There are 3 main programs I run on my PCs.

Libre Office
Gimp photo editor
VLC media player

There isn't much you can't view or edit with those programs and they are all open source and free to download.

nice_lady, Oct 12, 10:49pm
Don't know why you think you'll need the old pc to create documents. Open office is perfectly fine for that also

rose-murray, Oct 12, 10:56pm
I guess so. Haven't had a good look. Does it do publishing ? I do a bit of craft. Will also download Gimp.

mgc54, Oct 13, 12:02am
Can highly recommend the FREE Libre Office. Have used it since 2011 for all my word document needs. Gives you the option when saving documents to save as .doc files.

d.snell, Oct 13, 1:29am
Except OO and Libre Office as well as some earlier MS Office versions, especially those that use Visual Basic 2008, have an issue with Duplex printing if run under Win10 and some HP Printers. The main Windows printer setup allows you select Double Sided printing, and new Windows apps also allow you to select DS, but when printing from OO etc, the choice is no longer there. Hunted high and low for it, but it's now not an option. A bummer really, as it means that the compatible Word processors are now not so compatible.

pcmaster, Oct 13, 1:49am
what version of office did your xp pc have on it?

I have several versions of microsoft office here

rose-murray, Sep 8, 11:12pm
2007. The main thing is I don't have my printer set up on the lap top. Just thought for that sort of thing I could leave the old set up where it is. How ever I can see me getting sick of having it gathering dust and I could do with the space. I was originally going to run both computers (husband got a bit panicky at the idea of new technology LOL. However he has had a go on the laptop and he's fine. Also the PC is too far away from the rural BB modem (been on dial up until now) to make running it as a network practical.

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