Registering for UK tv sites when you shouldn't be

watching them?
I've just been checking out Hola (brilliant for BBC) but ITV and Channel 4 require registration for their Iplayers, like TVNZ does now. Having a look at all the T &Cs, they make it pretty clear they don't want you to watch if outside of their territory, (ok, fair enough I know) but if you're using a proxy browser, a gmail address, and can provide a legit UK postal code that they ask for, can they tell the difference and can you get in trouble if caught? Still very new to all of this if I sound like a bit of an idiot!

geek_figgy_kitty, Apr 12, 12:24 am

"Get in trouble". Who's going to be having a go at you?

Well, the only company that would appear to be affected is the TV company itself, and if it can't prevent you from viewing its website then it can hardly complain.

I fail to see what laws you're breaking by using a proxy browser, a gmail address, and a postcode.

geek_tillsbury, Apr 12, 9:39 am

700 people all join using 9 Market Street !

geek_brucie44, Apr 13, 10:15 am

10 Market St?

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 13, 12:59 pm

I used ITV's postcode LOL

geek_tahnasha, Apr 14, 12:29 am

Something similar but I was detected - I joined Gumtree Australia. I live in NZ with a gmail address but have a son living in Brisbane so used his address. Once registered, you should be able to click on a partially visible seller's contact number to see it it full. It wouldnt work for me so I complained to Gumtree. They investigated and reported back that they had detected I was outside Australia so therefore not eligible to join Gumtree.

geek_hilt_dwane, Apr 15, 9:38 am

If you do this you are in breach of the terms and conditions of your agreement with them. They could if they put the resource into it, work out that you are not actually in the UK. They are unlikely to do that as it is not in their commercial interests. If they to "catch you" the remedy is to cancel the agreement, i.e. block your access on that login/password. That's it. No police helicopters, not lights and sirens, just the 'hassle' of setting up a new account.

geek_cafc2012, Apr 15, 10:14 am

You can watch u.k free to air on

geek_mr-word, Feb 16, 5:27 am

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