Is there a photo site that does not delete photos

hasy, Feb 11, 10:42pm
Hi is there a photo site that does not delete photos.
I want to move my photos to another site they are in icoud & pictures - or is that the same thing, and keep getting deleted - not by me.
Does windows live delete pictures in them?
I have a windows 8 which is syndicated with my cell phone.

dice4, Feb 13, 4:41am

mazdasix, Feb 13, 6:05am
+1 Dropbox

r.g.nixon, Feb 13, 7:16am
None of them delete photos, unless they sync to your computer and you delete them off that.

oclaf, Feb 13, 7:59am

juli55, Feb 13, 10:03am
I've tried downloading 1000 photos to drop box and it HATES me. The folder is empty and I can't get past 49 images.
Pest on it.

galex, Feb 13, 10:08am
Microsoft OneDrive [ ] if you have a hotmail account you already have access to it. 15GB of free stoage.

datoofairy, Feb 13, 10:14am
+1 I've been using Flickr for years. You get 1TB of space to store your photos and videos for free. I love that I can take a photo on my phone and with a couple of taps, upload it to Flickr in seconds.

juli55, Feb 14, 6:13am
I found one drive and now am trying to put photos from a file onto it. How do I do a batch dump? I've got 939 photos.

r.g.nixon, Feb 14, 6:45am
Ctrl+A to select all files in a folder. Open the destination folder and do Ctrl+V to paste them in.

juli55, Aug 12, 2:57pm
Sorted it. Took FLAMMING forever, but done now.

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