CD place on desktop PC won't work!~

Wanted to install a programme with CD but nothing! Think I have 'altered' some settings. Certainly no tech person (older plus blond!). Can someone please explain in simple terms how I correct. Have Windows 7, light goes on when CD in and then nothing happens! Was attempting to add a wireless printer but gave up!
Thanks in advance!

geek_kernal1, Apr 5, 11:19 pm

That will be because of security settings; or there is no autorun program on it. Browse the drive and look for 'setup'.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 5, 11:29 pm

Then just use Windows Explorer to search the CD and find the executable file and run it.

geek_lythande1, Apr 6, 7:03 am

Try "reset defaults" for autoplay, by default it should pop up a box for you to choose an option.

Click Start button, then "Default Programs", then "change autoplay settings", then scroll down and cick "reset all defaults", then "save".

Then eject CD and try again.

geek_chnman, Apr 6, 10:34 am

Sorry! Have attempted this with no luck! Just doesn't seem to recognise the fact that I have a CD slot, let alone something in it! When I put a CD in it does light up so feel it would work if I only knew how! Have used previously though not this year so sure I have altered something! Thanks!

geek_kernal1, Apr 6, 10:56 am

Try another CD.

geek_wayne416, Apr 6, 11:04 am

Are you sure you are inserting a cd and not a dvd?

geek_gasaxe, Apr 6, 10:02 pm

Good point

geek_flower_tears, Mar 19, 8:55 am

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