Boot from pen drive

i put windows 10 on a bootable pen drive to install on my wife's compaq cq45. However how do I set up the compaq to boot off the drive. Have been trying most of the night but have no luck so far.

geek_tjl2008, Aug 1, 11:48 pm

Step 1

Restart or turn on your computer. You may see a screen that says, "Press XXX for Boot Menu" or "Press XXX for Setup." This indicates the key you need to push to enter the boot menu.
Step 2

Press the key listed in the previous step continuously while the computer reboots. If you did not see a message on that screen, try continuously pressing the "Esc," "F12," "F11" or "F8" key.

geek_zak410, Aug 1, 11:53 pm

Click on flag in tray or go to action center, click recovery, then the line 'if your having trouble etc and you will find it there

geek_wayne416, Apr 12, 3:59 am

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