2 degrees swap to vodafone

I have just bought my other half a new Android vodafone. He is currently using a Sharp GX15 button phone that won't send pictures and he wants it for txt in his mates for fishing. I, on the other hand answer his stupid phone as a business phone, take picture of customers problems with my flash phone. His mobile # is on his business cards 021 but network is 2 degrees. I want to take the 2 deg sim out of the old phone, give him a new vodafone # which I got with the new android and put the old sim 2deg into the new vodafone. The sales lady said to give them a ring. but which one do I ring, Vodafone or 2 degrees. Haven't opened the box yet just in case.

geek_nsg, Jun 21, 10:32 pm

Basically, with number portability you can shift your existing number,be it 021/022/027 etc, to any other company. So whatever network you want to be using - ring them, they will bring the number over to their network

geek_king1, Jun 21, 10:40 pm

Thanks so much, all 3 on Vodafone - easy. Now the statutory hour wait on the phone to get to talk to someone. LoL

geek_nsg, Jun 21, 10:51 pm

the very reason I moved to 2 degrees a few years back.

geek_king1, Jun 21, 11:51 pm

Last 2 times I've called for mobile issues have been 1min wait

geek_kieran211, Aug 2, 9:09 am

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