Anyone have a Tenda S108 network switch?


geek_raven71, May 27, 7:58 pm

I don't but curious as to why you ask

geek_shall, May 27, 9:02 pm

I got one from a flea market the other day, but it has no power supply. I need to know if it requires a negative or positive tip power supply.

geek_raven71, May 27, 9:19 pm

99.9% of devices have negative-shell on the DC barrel jacks.

geek_lugee, May 28, 2:04 pm

Ok, from my google image searches, they all appear to show a symbol like this:
(-)--(o --(+)

Meaning that it takes a positive tipped power supply.

geek_raven71, May 28, 5:37 pm

id guess it was a positive tip/centre. could open it easy enough and see whats going where, one will be to the ground plane of the pcb, and the other will be to some components etc

geek_shall, Oct 10, 3:58 pm

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