Nokia/imicro phone died on xbox delete

microft768, Mar 19, 9:50am
It's a 7 to 8 years old phone, model 6300 (Nokia RM-217) series 40.
My sister try to delete some files in the SD card to free up more space, but after deleting a file named xbox which is in a section like where the root files or a sim card icon is also located. Then on the next start of the phone it only shows the boot up screen and at the set time screen it goes on and off before it shuts down. It happens the same by each time I tried to turn it back on. Removing the SD card can't fix it.

I tried to look up this model for help at:
but it's search engine is crap, can't find any result on the 6300 or series 40 .

What Nokia has to do with xbox? Why a file named xbox##*&#^$ is stored in the system root file area?

Any helps would be thankful

networkguy, Mar 19, 10:12am
Wow that is an old phone mate, why not buy a new one? $20-30 will get you a similar phone brand new, $50 will get you something a bit more modern and if you stepped up to $100 you can get a decent little touchscreen phone even. I'm guessing you stick with the Nokia because its familiar, but with a bit of learning and using google and youtube to help, you'll find your way around an android phone in no time and wonder how you ever lived without it (GPS, weather and news updates, trademe etc all in your hand)

If you must fix the Nokia, how was the file deleted? Did she take the sd card out and put it in a computer, plug the phone into the computer with a cable and delete it that way, or did she use a file manager program on the phone? The reason I ask is, if the SD card was taken out and put in a computer, I think its just a coincidence and the phone has bitten the bullet because the SD card shouldn't affect the phone booting at all. If she did it one of the other 2 ways, then it is possible that she has deleted an essential file from the phone itself rather than the SD card.

2 things you could try though, 1 is doing a hard reset of the phone although it sounds like you cant get far enough into the phone to do this. Try googling it though and perhaps there will be a site somewhere with a different method to try. The 2nd thing is googling "Nokia 6300 firmware" and downloading it from an unofficial site. I looked and there are plenty of results. Again though, not sure if the phone needs to boot to receive the update, but google might find ways around this.

Good luck

microft768, May 6, 9:17pm
My sister deleted the file(s) by simply using the phone's delete feature, with no USB cable used to connecting the phone to a PC.

I looked it up on Trade Me and can't find any of this model for sale. E-bay sells it for about $54 NZD used. My brother bought it new when he was in a Hong Kong trip many years ago.

I know there is a $100 to $200 device that's made for flashing this Nokia (model) series. I think I'll try to dig around to see if any local service man can flash it with such a device for as little as $30 . but now I should go dig for the firmware sections.


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