Mobile data - prepay versus plan?

smac, Jun 26, 9:40am
Been looking at the best option to get mobile data for an android tablet with pretty low usage. I'm thinking couple hundred mb a month at the most will do as most use will be on WiFi.

So, checking out the rates on the various providers websites I can not for the life of me figure out the difference between prepay and a plan. All prepay data either expires after a month, or you need to pay for more to get it to carry over (wtf ? ).

There just seems to be no way to buy some data, use it at my leisure, then buy some more when I need it. Am I missing something really obvious here?

cube_guy, Jun 26, 10:02am
Can you just hotspot from the data you get on your mobile phone plan? Sounds like you are a pretty light user.

pcmaster, Jun 26, 10:07am
1GB (1024MB) lasts me about 8 days maximum, sometimes only 5 depending on what i need to do

with 2 degrees, the data expires after 30 days, or when it runs out, unless you top it up, in which case it'll renew the plan and any you dont use will carry over for another 30 days

2degrees also do 250MB for $10 but 1GB for $20 is better value

lucky.gadgets, Jun 26, 10:20am
skinny do 200MB for $4, catch is it only lasts for 7 days. Do each week and thats 800MB for $16/month approx

king1, Jun 26, 10:26am
if its data only you need, skinny do 5gb for $60, valid for 180 days. probably far more than you need, but only $10 month.

trade_menow, Jun 26, 10:38am
get one of the carry over plans anything you dont use carries over for upto 1 year Like the OP im a light wifi user but the 500mb every month has built upto 8.2gb , certainly came in usefull recently with the flooding wanganui had

smac, Jun 26, 10:32pm
But that's my whole point - because I will have low usage carry-over doesn't mean anything. I still have to pay something every month to retain access to the data.

So from the above responses, it seems I'm right that there is no way to purchase a small amount of data and just use it when I want without a monthly top-up?

But I can buy a LARGE amount of data to use as I want up to 180 days (the data only sim).

Do the other providers do these data only sims? Can't seem to find.

logo, Jul 17, 3:54am
2 Degrees do data sharing. I'm on a plan with data and share to 3 other phones - two of which are my kids phones. They use Viber or FB Messenger or Kik or whatever so don't make any phones calls or send very few SMS so tapping into my data works well.

One of the sims is a special data sim which 2 degrees gave away last year which gets 200mb free data per month. Don't think you can get those anymore though

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