5 billion Android apps open to hack

trevenco, Mar 4, 2:06am

vtecintegra, Mar 4, 4:37am
If you're going to call unencrypted traffic 'open to hack' then this very website is also 'open to hack'

suicidemonkey, Mar 4, 4:45am
Yeah by that logic most websites are "open to hack".

That article is just scaremongering.

black-heart, Mar 4, 9:36am
96% of malware is on google android. AHAHAHAHAHA the guy who wrote that hilarious joke might want to look at Windows for a bit.

jon9, Mar 4, 9:09pm
smh. did you read it? He's talking about Mobile OS

black-heart, Mar 4, 10:53pm
But he wrote his garbage article without actually saying that, he also states 5 billion apps, even though there aren't 5 billion apps in existence for android. And Fire eye (his source) are in the business of selling mobile OS protection. Perhaps you should rush out and buy some protection?

_drdee_, Jun 17, 10:08pm
"Your Android and iOS apps are insecure! Luckily we sell the security you need!"

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